Depression obsession.
They so dare call me
obsessed for the attention 
I so dear lack.
But am i obsessed? 
Or am i Depressed?

Though you shall not care
For i am not anyone’s friend
But my own.
They do not know how i feel
Or what my nights look like
Dont even act like you care

It’s so simple yet sad
How little people care
Care about human beings
Beings that are just like you
Who go through life

They do not realize the hate they give
In the teasing and taunts
That haunt me as i pass
As i pass down the hallways of hell
That they call school.

To return home to a house
No one knows me
No one takes the time to know me
Therefore i am a ghost
A ghost in the shadows
Lurking for love
Love that doesn’t come

I am melancholy
For i have nothing
I am nothing
I will never be not nothing
That just is the way
For i seek attention
I am not serious
So please
Please don’t pay attention to me
Or my health
I am fine.

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