I will be the light of my family in the end

I just confessed to my family doctor that I’ve been lying to my parents for two years now. I dropped out of school two years ago after I failed medical council examination. I fought depression all alone and came out in that period but I’ve been scared to tell my parents that I dropped out of medical school. Now I just got tired of keeping this secret and went to talk to our family doctor. She listened to me pleasantly and didn’t judge me. Now tomorrow is the D day, she’s going to invite my parents to her office and break the news to them. I’m such a shame to my parents and I’ve broken their trust completely I know. I just need one last chance, I need their forgiveness. I hope to re enter a private University but my parents can’t afford for the least expensive one currently. I don’t know what to do or how they’ll react to this confession. I can’t contemplate suicide again, I’m done with that it wasn’t easy to bring myself out of depression so No I’m very positive about life now and mentally okay. But damn if they don’t take this news well tomorrow famm, I love my parents with my heart so much that I can’t live to bear them heart broken because of my mistake. I’ll just finally take my own life, I’m not the first now. But I promise if I get any sponsor or scholarship to take away this burden or lesson the heart break on my parents, I will make my parents proud of me this time, best graduating student things. I got the brains.


  1. Breathe. Nothing is worth taking your own life. Your parents will accept you.
    Everyone feels shame. Everyone goes through tough times. If you mentally stable and positive, let that be the reason to continue in life. You are healthy and truthful and trying to be someone better.
    Life is not constant and taking yourself out of the equation wouldn’t make it better.

  2. Just know that the birds will sing again, you’ll do exploit far beyond what you think

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