When I used to hear people say they are loyal and love a married man, I used to laugh at them. Right now I am in the same exact position. I can’t even get anything serious for my self because I am stuck with loving this man. We have been going out for 11 months now, February will make it one year. In as much as I am decieving myself that it’s nothing, I f***n love this man, he completes me. It’s not about the sex but all he does for me. He empowers me and make my growth his prority. I don’t get attracted to younger guys. I am 24.

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  1. Reply to Damn. For a moment I thought I was the one who sent this message. I am in an exact situation. My relationship with him it’s just 4 months but my best relationship ever. I don’t see my self ending this and luckily for me, we both Muslim so I can be his second wife ☺️☺️

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