I am so lonely and need support before I slip into depression. I am actually getting to that tipping point. Married the first time, my ex wife cheated on me for four years and we later got divorced. Got engaged to a single mother and all that matters to her is her son, even though I have tried all my best to make her happy. At a point she even called me the devil that came to make her life miserable. I love and take care of her and her son when she lost her job, got her a permanent resident permit to a country outside Nigeria and she still label me a devil and always talk down at me. I am an introvert and I am the type that don’t talk much. But this is eating me deep. I may leave this marriage again to have some semblance of peace. She’s making my life so miserable for my young age.

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  1. What I can read here is a man who genuinely loves n expects the same- which is only fair. Right now , you’re not in a right place, right time and with a right person. If you can give me a reason why you’re still with her maybe

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