I always get jealous when I see young people like me singing and people praising them. I was at first jealous of Tems and now the new girl Ayra Star who I’m even a year older than. I believe I can be on the same level with them or even more but I no get anybody to coach or help me with beats. I don’t even have the courage to post me singing on my page because I’m insecure and scared of backlash. Everyone that knows me just know I have voice and can sing. I’m sure I’ll become who I want to be one day inshallah 🙏.

One comment

  1. The concept of selflove should be apply here. If you keep doubting yourself you’ll be stagnant and not advance. If you are that shy create an account where you aren’t even showing who you are, your face etc, and just let it be about music. The marketing to be successful is to put yourself out there. You stopping/cutting your grace and blessings before it even get to you. Everyone has bad days and insecurities, embrace them and move on

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