Men!!! Men!!!! Well not too late maybe, I’m indeed selfish like he said lol. But wait who compares his wife with a female bestie who he had feelings for and confided in his sister, just who? I have a scar on my body for having an issue with his sister. Just how perfect he corrects me when it comes to other females in his life, well the height of it all was been called selfish and letting people who cares about him go. I have decided to stay in the marriage but care for myself alone and acknowledge the word selfish. This hurts differently because I have actually lived my life making the marriage and relationship work in all aspects it takes made huge sacrifices that I can’t even say and now to be called Selfish!!! That hurts differently. Never the less, he’s about to experience me in a different way not fighting, no exchange of words but YES I WILL BE SELFISH.

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