Sad and confused

I’m so sad cried myself to sleep last night and still in tears as I write this. I’m a student (finals) my mum is struggling to take care of us.. there’s business I want to start in school and I know will be very profitable but the money I have is not sufficient for it 😢 my mum doesn’t have to help me. And it hurts alot because my sis and I have started dreaming on how we are going to make it big in the business but now all the dream Is gone we have no money. And I’m so tempted to forget my upbringing and go into the world just to raise money. Just to stop being the good girl for a while because I feel being a good girl isn’t helping our situation. School will resume soon and there’s no money for us 😢😭. All we need is someone who will help us without wanting something in return. I’m fed up.

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