Only child

Since I lost my dad last year, I’ve been living with the fact that I have to carry on where he left off and being his only child I’d have to carry on his name. But the problem is I have a really hard time talking to a woman, not like I can’t or don’t know how to I just act like I don’t care most of the time. Girls come on to me with style style but I never reciprocate that perhaps you can call it being picky or maybe I just masturbate so much that it helps with not having sex for a long time. It really sucks and I even sometimes despise it but I never do anything about it. I’m over 30 plus, most of my friends are already married with kids and I’m just here with no relationship whatsoever. I’m also an emotionally sensitive guy behind the whole bad boy persona I show to the rest of the world but underneath I’m just a lonely guy who needs a good woman in my life. Wetin I go do?

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