What to do

Her name is favour, my now husband cheated on me with her when we were still dating, he apologised and i forgave. When he wanted to engage me, he pretended he was chatting with her while he changed his friend’s name and dropped his phone. I saw it and got angry and boom, he knelt down with a ring, i accepted. 3 years later, he is still talking with favour! I allow you cheat! I don’t mind you talk to other girls, they send you sex videos but I begged you to stop talking to favour! Leave her alone! No! You said you guys are just friends now but you send her money. You have told me 5 times after heated arguments and quarrels that you have stopped taking to her, i believed you. When I was 2 weeks to delivery i was in a mood and told you to leave me be, I went to the parlour only to hear you making a video call to favour! We fought again 6th time, you cried and brought out sniper that you swear on your life never to talk to her again that you guys are just friends and you have warned her, i believed from my heart this time. Dec 31 2020, I saw her video on your phone, she was showing you how she is cooking for the new year😭😭😭, why! I asked you again and you are asked me why I still go through your phone?!😡😡😡.
This time something has changed, I love you but she will cost you. I will make your life miserable. I know all your secrets. You will suffer then I will leave you!

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