Been dating my girlfriend for a year now and I’ve never fully trusted her, I’m the type of person that pays attention to what people say when i let them talk, she told on her self so many times.

I opened a burner Instagram account to chat with her and she gave me her number instantly. I was shocked because i get hit on by females and i was playing the holy dude. I guess I have been love struck, i spent the weekend with her and i still confirmed that she’s chaste like all sealed. For real, that’s what is twisting my head up like we do all sorts and no penetration because of her status. Why give another dude your number just because he asked, like so easy. I think I’ll revert back to my monster way. All the ladies I’ve saved up would be released into my kingdom, I’ll force myself to learn how to date multiple women and fuck them all. Wedding night kill you there.

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