I recently moved into a new apartment and somehow somehow I’m shagging my neighbor . Initially I thought it was all fun and games until feelings started to creep in. Meanwhile he has a girlfriend and I have a guy too. We both get furious and sad at eachother once anys partner is around. As in right now its freaking tough. Even when I’m with my guy, 100% of the time my mind is with him. I don’t know what to do because as it is both our partners will soon know what’s up because he chemistry is too strong. Even my guy don complain say the way the guy stares at me, he’s not comfortable with it. As yoruba talk am Oju ni oro wa. Right now his babe came since Monday and it looks like a year. We don fight tire. As e dey go so . I’ll shag my boyfriend and make sure it’s loud so he can hear me. Since he thinks he can be mad allowing the babe stay this long and be frequenting his place like market. How the hell did we fall in love without knowing. This is freaking Hard. Life no balance.

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