Perfect man

I’m in a relationship that’s not particularly new, on the surface it seems perfect but I’m starting to observe quite a number of red flags. The biggest one is the constant belittling. He seems to nitpick at the smallest, most unnecessary details, I just noticed that subconsciously I’m always on edge around him and always trying to not give him anything to complain about but he always seems to just find a way. The problem is other than this and some other minor things, he’s perfect. He takes care of me and I actually have feelings for him but I just can’t shake off the feeling that this seemingly minor thing will get nastier in the near future.


  1. These red flags are built-in precautions. My advice a Narc has invaded your personal space. They start exactly how you feel it’s about brain control. Little bit by bit this person plays with you.! Be better than that! Get outrun as fast as you can don’t look back. Abuse by a narc escalating is occurring one moment in every minute. Please leave

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