He abandoned me at the hospital claiming it’s the job meanwhile, he was at the hotel with his friends and numerous girls and even spraying money. I was bleeding excessively from a miscarriage. Then beat me up again for confronting him. The things on my mind to do. hmmmm.

THE END!!! 2

For those asking, he’s my husband, the father of my 3 kids, this issue would be my 3rd miscarriage this year and I was on my own in all 3 incidents, my story is long, 7 years long!!! This is the first time he’s hitting me though but the cheating, lying and deceit has been 7 years long. 7 years as a couple, 17 years of knowing each other.

THE END!!! 3

You are asking why I keep to myself? You’ve not seen anything yet. Henceforth, we are just housemates with kids. I will frustrate you till you can take no more.

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