Letter to Tinu

Tinu, you need to calm down with the comparison, I noticed that you’ve posted over 3 secrets here and all of them have to do with not getting into school with your mates, but rather starting with your juniors, I think you should careless about this tbh because the moment you start university, you will most likely see people that are way older than you in class (even if you will be 20 by that time). Take care of your mental health!, rather than complaining about being in the same level as your “3 times junior” try to get the syllabus for your first year courses and start reading, start preparing so when you resume first year would be easy for you.
And always remember “LIFE IS A MARATHON”.. No be who start first dey finish first, no be who finish first dey finish best!!!
-Stay safe
-A fellow 19years old


  1. I’m Tinu, I really do appreciate you for writing this. I’m gonna heed to this. Thanks a lot 🙏

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