Death, where are you?

Why is my life so different, I just want to be happy like every other person? I feel so alone in this world, I am losing everything. I have arrived at a point in life where I am starting to hate people because of some terrible experience I have had with them. Depression is killing me, I don’t know who to talk to, no one wants to hear me out. All I do is to stay in my room all day, and my family doesn’t mind regardless of whether I am okay or not. The other time my father called me a waste because of this same situation, if only he knew what I am going through. I’m 22 and doing so well with my clinical school, yet my life is miserable. I think this world will be much better without me. I just miss that sweet and lovely girl I used to be. I want my real self-back, I can’t anymore. I will disown my dad when I finally get to move out from home because he has caused me so much pain in this life. Etc.

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