Restless thoughts

A guy i am in a relationship with whom we both have the intention of being couples in some years to come,told me and I agreed, that for now he doesn’t want us to be seen by our church members especially our fellow youth going home together. On this blessed day after a program, a friend and a fellow chorister drove me and other few members home, I didn’t know that my boyfriend was waiting for me, so he called me on phone and told me that he is about going and I replied that I’m about going too (which we were about driving off the church compound). I got home and my boyfriend called again and asked me “where are you” and I replied “I’m in my house” and he said “and I have been here waiting for you”. I sensed anger as I was still apologizing, he hung up and since then, he has been avoiding me both my calls, when he sees me in church and doesn’t really respond to my chat like he used to do. This is since two days and few hours. I’m about talking this decision to end all ties with him,I can’t be with a man who wouldn’t talk to me or even look at me when he is angry with me.

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