Sad and lonely

I broke up him because he was too toxic. Well, i blame myself😫, i didnt allow you have sex with me. When i met you, i told you no sex till marriage for some personal reasons. You cheat on me, i get sad and question you about it but you hit me for knowing and caring about how i got to found out, not even about how i feel😑. Last month, you slapped me for asking you about what happened between you and zicora. The slap was hot that i bled from my mouth, all you say is that we are not fucking. But I’ve been there for you for three years, loved you, never cheated or gave out my number. You never allowed me have male friends, i did everything to please you. You collected the iphone 11 you gave to me, now I’m left with nothing. No friends to talk to, not even one. I’m the one hurt but you playing the victim😥, I’m tired of staying in my parents house. I wish i had where to travel to so i can stop thinking. Well i have so much to say but connotare said it must be brief. Well i choose my happiness over money, i will use torch light.

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