Currently I’m dating a married man.p.s I am not a wayward person, it just happened that way. I never planned or fascinated about having a sugar daddy. I like him very much so I don’t want to refer him as such. I had a thing with a younger person at least he’s not married but I don’t understand young guys anymore all they do is engage you then after some time they start being inconsistent, a pet peeve for me. I really liked the young guy but he doesn’t want a relationship with me because he doesn’t have a job and he’s not financially stable, I am not complaining. I am just angry that before we had sex he didn’t tell me all these, I would have backed out. Now I feel he just used me and having a relationship with me is not going to be sooner, I don’t want to wait on him and get disappointed which prolly led me into dating a married man. He’s just so cool and gives me all the attention, don’t blame me please. I just want to be happy and if the married man makes me happy then it’s fine because this life always do what makes you happy💯

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  1. Just because he makes u happy doesn’t mean what u are doing is right or okay…it’s very wrong aunty
    Imagine if that man was ur husband and a girl is telling u he makes her happy

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