Finger nails

He’s broke, I don’t ask for nothing from him, we fight and make up. I love him but for the past 3 weeks we haven’t spent time together and hardly see even when I say let’s see. I tried but now I’m not asking to lets see anymore because I’m hurt and sad. Pastor said we can’t last together but I love him and he loves me too. I don’t know what to do.

Fingernail 2

He’s avoiding me and i don’t know why . He won’t tell me the author of his change, his I don’t care attitude is now much, he calls though. You all said the last time he’s doing that because he broke and can’t make it up to me , I kept my cool. I said good morning he said morning with attitudes, I got angry told him he doesn’t have to reply me like that he ain’t my mama he said ok and didn’t talk to me for a whole day . What to do 😭

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