I knew he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship heck I told him he knew too. I like him a lot and I was ready to go all the way with him but I knew that getting into anything with him now will take me back to that darkness I struggled so hard to come out of so I told him “whenever you’re ready to be committed if I’m still interested in you and single ALL IN” but he didn’t want that he wanted me immediately I gave in now. I got a yeast infection from him (shit is painful as hell) never experienced this type of pain down there before, the high swap i got at the hospital was 😶 I don’t even wanna go there but I’m pretty sure they felt my Fallopian tube y’all. All you males be wanting a loyal girl who’s gonna ride with you till the end but when you find one you mess it up why???! I told him about it and no sign of remorse, nothing. I mean I wasn’t expecting anything of that sort from him but I was hoping he’d feel sorry and apologize for what he did but he didn’t no calls nothing!!!!!! Diary I’m tired of putting myself out there and getting broken over and over again. I am done!

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