It even got to a point where siblings were making jest of me for always wearing her used clothes, she does too, to the point where they tell neighbors that I’m wearing her used clothes from head to toe. They always make statements like “without her, there’s no me”. She hasn’t given me 1 naira since she got back though she’s been spending lavishly on clothes and hanging out with friends which I understand because I don’t even want to be entitled to her money in the first place. I’m 19 but I’m already feeling the pressure of wanting to be independent because all my siblings are and my parents are not people I can ask to take care of my needs only my siblings and my mum just do the basics sometimes. All these is starting to hurt me and depressing. I don’t want to be the girl that would rely on boyfriend to do things for me. I can’t even ask my boyfriend even when I have one. I just want to be on my own, have my own money and be independent, not the girl that won’t have dime without sis giving which I can’t even dare annoy which makes them feel like the boss of my life sometimes. I know my situation is better than some but it’s really depressing me now. I’m so tired. What job can I do to make money pls??

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