My boyfriend is very rich & generous and he spoils me and my family silly with money and gifts. I allow him to do so because I’m yet to get a job and he’s like our only source of hope for money for now. My parents are just traders and earning little or nothing. He has the habit of beating me up and always reminding me of all he does for me over every little problem. I thought he would change but the way he beat me up in our hotel room in Dubai last night, I almost passed out and now I think I’m done, if hunger wan kill us make e kill us abeg.

One comment

  1. No amount of money is worth being abused for. You need to leave him before he kills you, and yes he will, never doubt that, or you kill him. Abusers like this are cowards but they won’t let you leave if they know that’s your plan. Be careful, plan carefully and get someone to help you.

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