Crazy Stupid love

Have I been cuckolded? My ex, we dated for six, she slept with 4 guys in nysc, I forgave, cheated when I cheated, I forgave, cheated again and I still want her back, she always have a backup guy, I think she is engaged now. You know what fuck this, I earn a great salary, have a great profession. She says her guy knows about this and he is okay? Lolo what kinda guy is that, what is he on?

Crazy stupid love 2

Maybe I am the problem, my toxicity, my insecurities, my trust issues, my lack of taking blames, my God complex, but I am not that bad, I ll be fine, God will heal me, I didn’t become like this in a night, I was made like this by people I loved wholeheartedly. Sometimes I think God wants me to go through pain and hurt to understand life. Maybe it was too easy for me.

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