Every month you make me regret marrying you. This time, its your work over me and the kids. I was on admission and you abandoned me there and the kids at home all in the name of work. You then come home and expect me to welcome you and be concerned about how stressed up you’ve been? If you like die in the office I would not care. I’m done caring about you and all that concerns you.
Its just me and my kids going forward.


I was on admission at the hospital.
I went for a follow up with the doctor the week after and you couldn’t even ask how it went. Since my health has nothing to do with your work, its none of your concern but you are worried about where I go to and the time I go out. You never jam. Just wait till I find the one worthy of my time. Rubbish!!! Go and marry your work.
Let’s all be mad and whatever happens, happens!! Marriage will not open the gate of Heaven for me.

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