Size 6

I may act like all is well and I’m happy with my body but I’m not!
Being skinny is a huge disadvantage. I’m a pretty girl with a good personality but I’ve noticed all my exes left me for bigger girls and it really tampered with my self esteem, my ex never posted me while we dated but he posts his new girl all the time. It’s really sad and it’s beginning to feel like I might never be enough. Lol even when I finally get into a talking stage they always comment on my weight and try push me to gain weight. I’ve even tried all sort of things to gain weight but nothing ever works, I’ve tried to like my body but everyone hates it, even my family 😪.

One comment

  1. I’m a size 8 and I can say being skinny is an advantage . I’ve got sugardaddies , young yahoo boys that spend for me . I live alone and I’m doing well . I’m just 19 btw . You’re beautiful just the way you are . Don’t let anyone tell you shit !! Sometimes , clothes are just my problem cos some clothes just don’t fit well . I wear baggy jeans and joggers most time . You’ll be fine baby girl 😘😆

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