This might be my last post here or last message ever. Fallen from grace to grass apparently, I was once okay and had a rich happy life. Right now, everything is shattered. Probably some still think that I’m living okay but nahh. I’m currently shattered, I just wanna die but the painful thing I keep remembering is how my mom would feel when she hears I’m dead by suicide (apparently I was the star of the family). I bet she would collapse of which I don’t want her to😭😭even if I’m gone. It’s just so painful to live and keep knowing you can actually do this to earn and come back but no way to actualize your ideas financially. It’s so painful to have a lot of bussiness ideas, talents and huge dreams on how to make money and recover myself but the problem is where to get required capital. The only thing I use and smile and clear depression (my phone XR) was stolen just this week and definitely no money to buy another nor achieve my goals. No where to even borrow capital to pay back MEHNNN! I’M SORRY I HAVE TO DIE SO I CAN FINALLY REST FROM SPINING HEAD 24/7
There is nothing left to live for🚶y’all be good.


  1. Please don’t do it. I know I’m a stranger who just happened to scroll and bump into your page and I’m pleading with you not to kill yourself. I can’t promise you it will get better but just as you said, your mum would be devastated if she heard the news of your death. Life is horrific, I know… but just a little bit longer. Things will lighten up. I am telling you all this blindly truly but please, don’t take your own life. I may not know you and what your going through but please ,please don’t take your life. I hope you can get back to me so I can know that you are well. Please.

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