My boyfriend ordered uber for me to come see him because i was having issues on my own phone. The trip was from Agege to Victoria Island. I ended the trip when i got to Maryland and I’m sure he was surprised. I’m sure he called my line but it was switched off because he called the uber driver and i told him to tell him that i wanted to get something at the mall. My phone was switched off for close to two hours. After three hours i called him to book another trip for me that i had some issues which i’ll explain to him when i get to his place. When i finally got to his place, i told him I went to see a friend of mine who called me and said it was an emergency. I said my friend had an abortion and needed my help. I also said i ran out of battery to call. He kept on saying something was not right and it’s true. I have a guy called Charles that fucks me well and he hasn’t been available for months now. He called me when I was on my way to see my boyfriend and I had to make a u-turn for him. Now I’m at my boyfriend’s place for dessert because I had the main course.

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