Horrible omugwo

I gave birth a month ago to a boy, my mum couldn’t make it to my omugwo because of work issues so my mother in law had to come stay with us and boy was it the biggest mistake of my life. I should have listened to my mother when she told me to come down to our house in the east and deliver.
Well I am someone that doesn’t eat much, all my life I am not a big eater not because I am watching weight I am naturally slim and I intentionally eat junk to see if I can add up. This fact of my life is what my mother in law is tormenting me with.
Everyday I hear things like you will not drink tea today??..said so mockingly. This omugwo has been a nightmare to me. She’s a horrible cook, even her own son doesn’t eat her food. He secretly buys fast food and WhatsApp me to come eat with him. Well what really hurts me now is that she said that my husband is loosing weight because I don’t feed him well and also that its my lack of eating that caused my miscarriages last year😔😔.
How can she say that to me, i lost two pregnancy last year the last one was a blighted ovum. The baby died in the stomach at 12 weeks, she had to say that to me. It really hurt me
I had to tell my husband to please tell her to go because I can’t even stand her anymore, she looks like a witch to me now. This is my first baby but I will be fine. I can do it, i have already started bathing my son myself.

One comment

  1. You’d definitely be fine. Don’t worry, in short while, she’ll be gone. Just make sure you don’t allow your husband allow her stay too long. She’s not healthy for you.

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