My fiancé‘s mother called me today to advise her son over an issue and when I confronted him with it in a very calm way, he went to fight his mum saying she’s trying to manipulate him through me. She called me back after and spoke to me in a very nasty way, now I’m just having second thoughts. She’s the last person I want to have an issue with. Now I’m confused do I apologize to her and I can’t even talk to her son about it or it would cause another issue again.

Confusion 2

So last night my fiancé’s father called me to ask what happened, I told him nothing and he shouldn’t worry because I want to end the whole issue and early this morning I texted my fiancé’s mother to apologize for something I didn’t because and she aired it and to top it up, my fiancé isn’t talking to me. I’m the one who has been humiliated I was jejely minding my business and they involved me in family drama, I want to call my fiancé’s brother so we solve the issue with his mother instead of my fiancé because he’s not trying to be understanding.

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