Fine boy

Its so sad, facially i look really good. Like every girl I’ve met probably want something to do with me (sex/relationship) but I can’t. I’m battling with herpes & depression and it has grown round my penis, it no longer pleases my own eye, can’t imagine any girl seeing me like this🤦🏻‍♂️

Fineboy pt2 (i saw the comment)

I never said I wasn’t getting treated, i go for treatment & test every 3 months but as soon as I receive the treatment they do fall & dry off but they grow back in a months time and it’s terrible. I know how much I spend for drugs in treatment in a year and truth is I’m starting to get tired. I just wish i could be normal again and have as much fun as i want & stay happy. Note: I can’t shy away from my own health, I’m doing everything possible to make sure i feel better.


  1. Sorry about that . If you actually need a partner,you should download the “positive singles” app. You’d get someone in the same condition you are. I wish you best of luck my dear 💜

  2. Poster send me an inbox I know a doctor who would treat you and the reoccurrence won’t be there as often maybe once in two or three years

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