I lost my girlfriend (finance) last year March 6 to a tragic road accident right in my presence. Was shattered, devastated, heartbroken 💔 and sorrowful. The worst feelings & moments ever, almost lost my mind. We were so close work same company, lived together too (secretly though because we were outside Nigeria )
She’s the only girl I’ve ever truly loved. I later Got married to a total stranger December same year due to advice from friends & families in other to forget about her.
God blessed us with twin boy & girl recently, yet her memories still keeps flashing almost every time. Everything around me keeps reminding me of her. I still cry and think about us. It always get worse whenever I see her elder sister because they are carbon copy. I really miss my ASUNKE! Will I ever get over these feelings?

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  1. Yes. Only if you stop loving her. You still love it’s very obvious. The dead is dead. You have a family now with lovely twins. Stay and take care of your kids. Love them and you’ll be happy again.

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