Vee girl

I met this guy for the first time, we had sex, I mean making real love like we’ve known each other for long long time. So immediately after the sex, deep kissing, all the romance, he confessed his love for me, and I also did too. It was a love at first sight

Now yawa don gas😭, few weeks ago, he actually saw me with his friend on a date, actually he came with his friend to that address, but because his friend was expecting a someone, so he excused him. Unfortunately when I came around to meet his friend, he then saw me and realized that it was me his friend was actually waiting for. Parole parole level, hope you understand somehow

Now I’m deeply in love with this guy, don’t know how to explain things to him because he is angry with me, he hasn’t call me since that day he saw me with his friend, I’m the one doing the texting and calling but doesn’t care about me like he use to before. I miss him sef, his smile, joke, playing games with him, and then end in bed😭.

One comment

  1. Just forget about it..with my experience he will never take you serious again..if he takes you back,then it’s for sex and nothing serious

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