I am HIV positive and I got to know few years back.
Not like I was down or hospitalized before I got to find out. I just went for blood test after I discovered a friend I was entangled to,was positive.
Lo and behold the result came out positive. Been on ARVS till date and to be honest, I don’t feel like I have the virus, neither do I fall sick or so.
I live my normal life and still take my medication.
People meet me and wants to engage in unprotected sex with me and my mind skips because I know I am not safe. People out there should be careful and observe safety measures.
My status has prevented me from getting into relationships because I feel the worst would happen if I get entangled again. We Nigerians can be naive and we stigmatize a lot.

Someone out there knew his status and still took my ignorance as a stepping stone by having unprotected sex with me and infecting me.
Well I still have unprotected sex and I give my fuck mate prep after the romp to prevent him from getting the virus.
Truth is, he doesn’t still know I am positive till date.

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