Good bad girl

I’m 22, I started having relationships when I was 15. 15 to 18 was a crazy journey
I had a lot of relationships, I never hooked up, we dated and had sex. Those 3 years of my life were bittersweet experience, I had sex with about 12 guys. I had a relationship which lasted for about 3 years but I cheated. The worst mistake I ever made in life, I left him when I turned 19 my conscience was killing me but I couldn’t tell him. I was so mad at myself, I realized how bad I was. I couldn’t stop blaming myself, no one sees me as bad girl but only me knows what’s on my mind. I can’t forgive myself, it’s crazy. Since I left him, I never dated any one. I’m trying to make up for my past, it hurts but I’m so grateful I’m not tagged as a bad person. No one knows my body count till now but I feel dirty anytime I remember.


    1. Why should she? Is he her priest or her God?

      Babe you guys have broken up. Take this time to grow. Enjoy your company and for what its worth, we are rooting for you!

    2. Do not open up please 🙏🙏🙏 he will use it against you anytime any day. Sit down catch fun and pray you will get over your past in due time

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