Sad guy

I’m 17 and i got admitted into school this year, i was really happy sha. I later realized that school life is basically suffering if you don’t have money.
Since there was corona break, i decided to just look for any job at all and i was lucky enough to discover the digital space (Digital marketing and Copy writing, even forex too). It was fun learning since i even found someone to teach me for free. I started targeting clients on copywriting, the first one agreed to pay $400 (Me was feeling high already), but
later he sha didn’t pay. I felt he didn’t really trust me though, maybe because i’m Nigerian.
The second one i targeted worked but we actually exchanged services and not money. Although i was getting tired, but i just needed money so i continued. I later ran out of money to buy data and well, in utter frustration, i just sha returned to my books full time.
Not that i didn’t have who could literally fund me or anything, but they felt i was just playing myself. Maybe because they’ve been blinded that Gee was the only way to make money, and since i didn’t have the heart for it, then i could just stay broke either way.
Two weeks later, i was in Gee. My heart never went with it but i didn’t have a choice since my dad and brother were hell bent on me doing it. I decided to give it my all, and it’s since been the most fucked up decision i ever made. I’ve been in it since early June and it’s just been crazy, no shit at all!!
By the way, a few persons who i learned copywriting with were working with clients and cashing out.
Around September i really got tired, depressed too but i still got back up sha, I just strongly wanted to prove my famz wrong. So i decided to continue from where i stopped at forex. I’d keep late nights learning Forex and analyzing charts (I’m a bit better at analysis now) but I forgot that i’d need money to invest..
While brainstorming on how to get money, i saw a Forex trader online, (Lemme not spoil his brand name sha) last month that i could work for, he’s nigerian. I targeted and we made a deal. I just had to create an Ad that’ll attract students for some signals channel and i’d get paid when done, at least it’s better than nothing. I was really happy sha.
With the little copywriting knowledge left in me, I started writing, thinking, reading, researching, etc until i finally got it. I brainstormed and drew a possible design and his designer finished the job. Finally the Design + write up was done, Ad was placed, and it converted well. I was proud of me because i initially budgeted maybe 50 persons or less but
about 87 persons were in, ready to pay at that instant.
$15 x 85 is about $1275 and i was to get $3 per signed in student which would amount to a total of $255, I was happy af.
I had a good trader as a friend who wanted to mentor me fully as long as i’d pay, turned out my dream had finally come true or so i thought. Turned out the person i worked for was so dumb and stupid, he switched the strategy i designed and was doing something else entirely. Instead of telling every body in the group chat to pay once, he was hosting a free forex basics class.
I tried to tell him to stop that they were already gonna pay because everything was already in the Ad. It’s been 10 days since i messaged this guy, he hasn’t replied. I don’t even know if the students have paid sef, and he’s almost always online ooh.
I literally just stressed myself for free,
All my hopes just dried just like that.
I got depressed again since like two days ago but i’m back up now
So i’m still on Gee, tired and sad. He was more like my last hope and he just fucked me up
I know it’s long but i just had to pour my heart out. Am i just a hypocrite? Am i doing anything wrong? or….just say anything.

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  1. Hey, I read all your story. Just know that you’re a good person and your hard work will pay. I am almost frustrated too but yours seem more intense, family is forcing you to do wrong. I really hope for a miracle for you.

    It gets harder by the way but we get stronger. I wish I could persuade you off your Gee but I dunno how you’re holding up. Keep fighting the good fight. Your talent/Skill will surely pay off one good day.

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