Good girl with regrets

Two years ago I stupidly cheated on my boyfriend of 5 years. I thought I was missing out on all the fun and stuff. I took my friends advice of “just have fun” your boyfriend is choking you. Cheating on him was the worst decision I ever made in my life because I found out the other guy was just an animal and my so called friend went behind my back to sleep with the same guy just because she thought he was spending money on me. What she did removed the scale of my eyes and reset my brain. I am grateful I realized my mistake before it was too late. Ps. Ladies please stop listening to your friends most of them are miserable and jealous of you and watch who you move with. Stop saying my friend is a hoe but I am not, the spirit of hoeism will eventually possess you!!!!!

One comment

  1. I feel scared for this. My girl is a good girl. I fear her friends and if she cheats, I may lose it.

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