Don’t know what to do

My ex has hurt me twice in the past wants me back. I had decided to stop loving him and move on but now he’s back and explains he has pure intentions and sincerely loves me and is sorry it took this long for him to admit it. I’m really scared of going down that lane with him again. Is there any possibility that a third time would work? I don’t know if he really loves me and means it. The truth is I love him so much, for over 2 years we separated we still find each other coming back together. This is the first time he would say something like this very seriously and says he wants us to start afresh. He wants me to give him this last chance to fix all his wrongs but I’m really scared. If this goes wrong again, I would be really heart broken but I love him dearly I’m so confused and scared😥😥what can I do?😪😪. My friends already told me if I come back to cry again, they have handkerchief to wipe my tears.

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