Mr Man

I have been for married for 3 years now and never for one day have I been truly happy, I married for the wrong reasons, she lied to me that she was pregnant from dating her for just 5 months in a long distance relationship and I had to marry because I didn’t want to have a child out of wedlock. Only for her to tell another lie again that she had a miscarriage after i had gone for introduction, with no blood or pain to show for it. For who I am and how much of an impact I want to be to everyone she knows I won’t go back on my word. Now I see different sides of the same person I married and for 3 years I have beared to cope but I’m a sad young man. I give my everything except bring myself to have sex with her, for some months now I can’t stand her. I’m not seeing anyone else and the urge has left me, I can’t think straight in the house, I have a comfortable home and yet I find excuses to sleep on a friend’s couch after work. I just want to move on since we don’t have a child between us other than punish her because I know she suffers too knowing I’m consciously never around. I have tried many ways to love ever and move on but I can’t. All I feel now for her is pure agape love I can have for my sister and friends and I will do what I can for her but we can’t be like this. Maybe I should move on and find that right woman for me because I truly believe in family. Moreover we have no child, she can start with someone else. At least sure she will be living with more than she was worth when I married her .

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