Half sad

I am in a relationship with this girl, it’s been 3 years and I have over forgiven her. This time I asked her to stop talking to the new guy she started loving 😂 . She keeps telling me she’s has stopped talking to him. On her birthday I discovered they’re waxing strong, I was broken. Bad guy don fall in love. Today she said I should believe her that she’s stop talking to him and this going to be the last time. Then she said she’s feeling bad because the guy didn’t do anything bad. Funny I don’t worth her love 😂 and I feel I am forcing her. I want to walk away so she can face the street of building another relationship 😂. I can’t tell my guys anything because they’re going to be mad but I am sad because I love her.

One comment

  1. Love also involves letting go. Just as guys, if a woman wants only you, she’ll zone out every other person for you only. You two should talk about it first.


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