Well this is my confession, i’m pretty sure the thing that i did started my anxiety 😦, it’s not major anxiety but it’s definitely there anyways. One part in a time of my life, i was always in group chats with people i never met but they were my age and around the place i live anyway. There was this boy and we started talking, i was still very immature and we got closer and closer. After awhile he asked for photos LITERALLY begged for them okay and at first i wouldn’t wanna send them he’d say “if you don’t send them i won’t talk to you”. Now looking forward from that, it’s a stupid way that should’ve never been a threat to me but i cared for him so i did and then he sent it to someone and the other person sent it to another person. I was literally so scared i got bullied for it, i got ganged up in gcs with 2 girls. It was so bad i hated it and still do, it happened nearly 2 years now and it’s my biggest regret. I hate myself so much for doing it and that’s not even it. I moved to new schools while everything was happening but no one knew from my old school. Anyways so when i moved, i met this girl and this girl was friends with another girl that knew about it and it’s one of them that actually bullied me moving on. The girl in my new school that i met told me about it and she would make me feel worse about it than i did myself. We’re not friends anymore because i was so uncomfortable and didn’t like our friendship she literally told some people about it in my new school not enough for the whole school to know but it can happen any day and i get so scared 😦. Okay i needed to let it out because i never could. If someone is reading this i’m sorry if you ever dealt with anything that makes you dread. I hope one day you could move past it ❤.

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