I met a guy last year, he’s abroad and he’s really been helpful to me. We talk a lot and he tells me about his ex ( or girlfriend) there. They are of and on and he knows I have a boyfriend. I really love my boyfriend and he tries even though my friends say he doesn’t spend much. This guy sends me money, like 5k and on my birthday he sent me 20k. But these days he’s asking me for nudes and all (my boyfriend hasn’t asked me for nudes before), if I refuse he’ll tell me I’m being mean and all and I know he’s being nice to me but it just feels so somehow. Now he’s saying when he’s in Nigeria he’ll fly me from school to come and spend a weekend with him. I told him I don’t want to have sex and he’s saying okay but it will be nice if I give him. It’s becoming irritating but I don’t know. He’s being really nice to me and shows interest in my business and all. I’m just confused.

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