I just want to say that I’m grateful for your platform. It has really helped me and your followers are nice people especially in their comments. I like that I can come here to vent. A lot has been going on with me and this hasn’t been my best of weeks. But recently I find that I’m always compared with my sister, I’m older with like 5 years and it’s always look at A, she can sew, you can’t. Look at A she can braid hair you can’t. Today I went to make my food and my aunt was asking why I didn’t tell my sister to make it and I just wanted to do it myself. The next thing she starts saying if only you can be like her. I told her aunty I’m not her, she said be her. I have a business even though it’s something small, I’m still in the university. But it’s just so tiring and I’m sick of it. It’s always one thing or the other, she’s more organized, she’s this, she’s that, I’m tired. I’ve tried learning to make hair and sew but I’m not patient enough for it. It’s why I just stuck to marketing stuffs, I don’t know. I’m the first offspring, If there’s anything suggestion on what I can I do or skill I can learn 
(Because for now I basically sell stuff online), let me know.

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