Recently one of my exes reached out to me, we’ve been talking though but he just made his intentions known to me that he wants me back in his life. I broke up with him in 2017, not that he did anything, I was just tired of the whole relationship. Now he wants me back but 2 years ago I made a vow to God that I wouldn’t have sex with any man that is not my husband. So when I and my ex talk on the phone, he keeps reminding of what I used to be or do in the past with him and he keeps saying he wants the old me back. Few days ago, I told him that he can’t have the old me back, he should deal with the new me and he said okay he will try but it will take time. I then told him that I don’t want him bring up what has happened in the past whenever we talk, he got angry and he hanged up on me and has not called me since then. What do you feel I should do?

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