A normal human

This is the classic “I like a boy but he doesn’t like me back story”. We have been friends since late last year and he flirts a lot with me and obviously, I developed a crush on him. I had this feeling in my gut- which I have learned to trust no matter what- that he doesn’t feel the same, then in the middle of this pandemic, he suddenly ups and tells me he “kinda likes me”. I am an incredibly shy person but I decided to take life by its testicles and tell him that I like him too, so we began what you people would call ” the talking stage” and it was going really well, until he suddenly jokingly said he’s over me a couple of weeks ago but I’m an over thinker, and I have made an effort to stop over thinking things, so I decided to brush the statement aside until a couple of days later he called me and he was telling me oh so casually how he was talking to some girls and they were misbehaving and I was like (in my mind) what happened to us? So, is this a classic case of “men are scum” or was I expecting too much from him?

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