Well, i am 8 months gone but i fear i am starting a life i will regret. I am married to a good man, maybe even my soulmate but I wish I listened when he told me let’s not have kids. I had two miscarriages last year and even though my mum and mum in law was all over me crying and praying, we were happy and I didn’t even feel like i lost anything. In fact we were secretly happy, now this one came i was hoping it will go but it’s still here and will soon be out😟. I am not a mother and my husband is far from being a father. I think and worry too much and can’t bear adding another person to my worry list, so confused. This child doesn’t deserve this, giving him is not an option because the both mums is waiting on it like visa🙁.


  1. I’m so sorry, Why go through all that when you can just get oral contraceptives. What kind of fuckery did I just read.

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