Advice a brother

I have a girlfriend who is old enough but a virgin and we have been trying to get her disvirgined but it as not been easy due to pain and she has been scared but have been patient with her. I want to really keep her as mine and for future but I asked her a question recently and her answer got me worried. My question was:- Will you stay with me even if I’m broke and her reply was if you spend money on me when you’re okay then I will stay when you’re broke. This got me worried because I was expecting her to say surely she would stay because spending on my girlfriend is necessary but I just don’t want to spend on the wrong girl. I need to know what to do before we get her disvirgin and I don’t want to waste my time on the wrong girl either. I think because of everyone around me, I’m so much in a haste to find a real perfect partner. I’m trying to be a loyal boyfriend and faithful too that’s why we needed to get her disvirgin because I don’t want to keep having sex with other girls. I want my sex and love life to be with just one person
Notice 1: I’ve been hurt and jazz before by a woman who was my (ex) babe-mama and even till now she never knew, I found out about her jazz and I found out on her conversation with her friends
Notice 2: Girls easily fall for me either for look or money and I think most time its fancy lifestyle

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