I have been seeing this lady (not dating) for two months, I like her a lot. She’s bi sexual, mostly lesbian and she started doing ladies because of a heart break. Even though she’s trying to stop, i think she already prefers girls to guys. She has lots of flaws and lots of male friends, most of them have either had a thing with her or are try to. She was exposed to the world at an early age, sometimes i wonder how her body count looks. I like her so much, these things i don’t normally over look but i do for her and she’s still not willing to change. She claims she loves me but still no chances. Each time we have sex, no matter how long we go i am only satisfied for a few minutes. Once she’s gone, i feel like i have been sex starved for months. I’d never admit this openly, I can’t lie I actually do love this girl but these flaws are too much 😩 . She also visits and entertain men, how can one keep up with this. Where do i even start from, i have grown fond of her, we had an issue went almost 3 weeks without talk. I was the one to contact her first, though she was the one that offended me, something i don’t normally do, no apologies from her but i couldn’t help not talk to her much longer 🤦🏻‍♂️

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