There are times you think you have it all. The perfect family, the perfect man who ticks all the box. Then all of a sudden the man starts acting differently. Things that happened with ease now become “I forgot”. Even when you try to move close, he gets distant. Rainbow colors turns grey. It’s like watching everything that made you happy go away.
It’s like I get my hopes high and I watch them fall, everytime. No matter how hard I try to make things work, to make things perfect, to get closer, intimate, to be a partner, it just doesn’t work out.
I meet men, a lot of them but who has pure intentions? The moment I try giving out my heart and build a relationship. The man comes in, mends my heart just so he could shatter it into pieces again.
People see you outside and think you have it all. The perfect man that’ll make you happy. Little did they know having a good body at times makes it hard to know who honestly likes you and who doesn’t. Just anyone can get attracted to my body but the real funny, quirky, weird, loving me, no one stays around to see all that. The ones who stays around to see that just believe I have someone somewhere who can offer me more that they can do, insecurity literally rules the relationship.

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