Ex pregnant girl

I taught connotare is a place of no judgement, lol I saw all y’all comment eshey, Bobby thank you for understanding where I I’m coming from, respecting my decisions and getting from my point of view found strength with your comment na man you be❤️. Well I didn’t kill my children, I took them back to their Heavenly Father who will take care of them better. Yes they weren’t asked to be conceived neither should they be born to suffer!!! Orphanage you say NEVER! Giving them out NEVER! No one would have taken care of them like me, children are by choice and shouldn’t be by chance and yes I made the right decision, and yes I would still thank God. I could have died during the abortion, I could have lost my womb but none happened, so thank you God for overlooking how unworthy I am and giving me a second chance. If you’re perplexed or disgusted, be in my shoes first🤷🏽🤦🏼‍♀️. I drew a lot of comment lol it shows how loveless a lot of you are because it’s an abortion post you came to crucify me ehn it cannot work I am still an happy baby girl who will have kids at the right time!

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