Birthday girl

So today is my birthday! ah the 22 of July i have been expecting since the beginning of the year or since the day i decided to do something which was March. What did i do on this day, crying, crying, disappointed and hurt. I’m not at home right now, so i thought i had friends that will at least make the day better for me even if it just a little laughter. It was 12am and nobody came shouting ” yay!! Happy Birthday, with hugs and smiles or even to sing an birthday at least” but nothing, nothing, nothing. Just me starring at my phone and expecting a message from anyone that cared. How nice would it be to get a message or a call from anyone that actually knows that day or wouldn’t get a reminder from social media or me posting myself a birthday post. Sigh. Anyways, on this day my beautiful mummy birthed this gorgeous lady writing this message and i am so grateful to her. Happy 23th Birthday baby girl! I love you, just keep smiling!

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